Is there any reliable evidence for our faith?

Amanda Denniss spoke on this subject last night in the first of our talks in our series entitled ‘My Faith: How do I reply when people ask me why?’  We thought it would be useful for those who attended (and indeed those who did not) to have some further reading on this very interesting subject.

Assessing the evidence for the Resurrection: A Judge’s perspective. This is a link to a conversation on Easter Sunday at Christ Church Turnham Green between John Denniss (who is a judge in Isleworth Crown Court) and the Revd Richard Moy where John looks at the evidence for the resurrection from a judicial point of view. Amanda referred to this conversation in her talk on Tuesday evening at the My Faith course.

Evidence for Faith – A Judge’s perspective

Do please attend our next session ‘Do all paths lead to God?’ next Tuesday evening 3rd May at 7.30pm at St John’s Itchen Abbas

Faith flyer A4

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