Welcome Packs 2016

I have finally got around to printing the inserts for the Welcome Packs which Penny Russell wonderfully prepared for us a couple of months ago.  Now there is something to give to new residents when they arrive!

We think that the best policy is for a lay person from the church in the relevant village to visit the new arrival fairly soon after they arrive and give them the packs and establish whether they want to see a member of the clergy and if so to let Amanda or me know.

I have given 10 copies of the Welcome Pack to each of Theo Mezger, Robin Greenwood, Penny Russell and Joan Dartnell for their respective villages.

If any of the information needs up dating please let me know and we will correct for the next edition.

Best wishes


Please see the new welcome pack below

Welcome pack_2016 fin

Welcome pack_2016 2fin

Welcome inserts_2016-1

Welcome inserts_2016=2

Welcome inserts_2016=3

Welcome inserts_2016=4

Welcome inserts_2016-5

Welcome inserts_2016=6

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