Easton Street Party for HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday



Easton kicked off the celebrations of the Queen’s birthday in Itchen Valley with a street party on Saturday 11th June outside the Chestnut Horse.  A long table of flags and the bunting draped between the houses gave a scene which surely will be memorable for the children, their parents and grandparents for life and created a sense of excitement, which even the light rain at the beginning of the day could not dampen.  A ‘man at work’ sign made sure that other road users knew what was going on, but my impression was that it was mainly women who were at work here – no offence Robert!  Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard to make this event happen – I think largely the Easton Village Hall Committee.  Very special indeed.


Great conversations with lots of neighbours and old friends over a really excellent hog roast…


and some incredible crowns and flags.  I caused a bit of a drama when I pointed out that the union flags flying proudly above some of the cupcakes were actually upside down (the advantages of having been a Boy Scout now becoming clear – broad white stripe to the top left hand corner nearest the flag pole)  but given the way that Frances Gray was entirely draped in flags I think it would have been difficult to tell which way they were up.


In addition to flags, there were crowns of various kinds, one worn by Naomi Ellis who assures me that she is the eighth cousin to the Queen and so should really be wearing the Crown herself….if only those other pretenders to the throne were not in the way.


Sally Clark on the other had decided that a plastic bag was a suitable substitute for a crown – and very elegant in it she looked too.


But inflatable crown or plastic bag as headdress – which were perhaps only a shadow of the Crown Imperial, there were at least some genuine corgis to set the scene.


And its not everywhere that you have the Chairman of a Company selling its products to punters in the street – but the Judes Ice Cream van was out in operation with Theo and Judith Mezger selling their ice cream.  Always delicious.


And after we had drunk a toast to the Queen to wish her Happy Birthday a band struck up – just great.  Thank you so much to everyone who put this great event together.


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