St Mary’s Avington Patronal Festival, by Sarah Shirley

DSC_4073On Sunday evening our Rector Amanda Denniss led and preached at our Festal Evensong.

As Avington’s Church is dedicated to St Mary, one of the readings was John 2 1 – 11 involving Mary at the wedding at Cana. This was dramatically read by Robert Hardy bringing the whole story to life.

Following the service, drinks and canapés were served in the churchyard.


This year our celebrations served a double purpose.

Firstly it is a great opportunity and privilege to thank everyone who contributes to the life and care of St Mary’s.  It involves a large number of people from the ministry team, to Avington residents as well as support and encouragement from across the Parish. This covers leading services, preparing for them, cleaning, repairing, gardening etc.

The results can be seen in the comments made in the Visitors Book, so often mentioning how well cared for it is and the sense of peace. Sarah and Charlie Bullen were also thanked for their generosity in allowing us to use their home for meetings and for opening their grounds for the fete.

Secondly we were delighted to welcome the fete committee and a number of people from the Village and across the Valley who had helped to organise the fete.

Judy Thomas, committee chair, took the opportunity to present a cheque to the Itchen Valley PCC, the resulting proceeds raised by the fete. The final total was £11,500. This was divided as follows – £10,500 to the General Fund and £1,000 to Avington Fabric Fund.


Amanda responded with words of thanks and appreciation.

Sarah Shirley


Alex Pease adds:  This is an astonishing fundraising achievement and I think that all involved in the planning, preparation and execution of this event should be as delighted with a job well done as the Itchen Valley Parish is delighted with the support which this gives us to continue what we do in the Valley.

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