Abraham…All Age Worship 4th September 2016




Today all about Abraham

Abraham father of the Israelites, and so the father of the Jews and so, through Jesus, also our father as well

What did Abraham do?

LISTENED to Gods word – mostly – despite distractions

TRUSTED God’s promises, even though very unlikely, that he would be the father of more people than stars in the sky and they would be a blessing for all nations even though he did not have any children and he was 75.

WENT where God called him to go, exchanged known for unknown, trusted unseen rather than seen

The Play
‘God speaks and Abraham listens’

Sign saying ‘Promised Land’: Land flowing with milk and honey – in this case milk chocolate!

There were lots of obstacles in the way: Abraham was not perfect; He made mistakes
But he……



Harran – going only some of the distance, but not surrendering vision
Egypt – compromising to avoid famine
Cities of the Plain choosing the seen (as nephew Lot did) – the fertile, rather than unseen promise
Hagar – relying on worldly means to achieve Godly objectives -self effort rather than miracle- always a disaster
Isaac – making idols of your children

Abraham can only go – where he is told by God

God says ‘Abraham’ turn left turn right but the rest of you can try and distract him!

But you mustn’t call him by his name: just go right, go left

I will say ‘Abraham – go right go left’

Blindfold Abraham and then…

But How do we hear Gods voice? 

5 ways

When we pray – still small voice – easily distracted by other sounds. Get to recognise COMPELLING SPIRIT

When we read the Bible – if you want to get close to God must make this a habit. COMMANDING SCRIPTURE

Talking with Christian friends. COUNSEL OF THE SAINTS



Listen to Gods voice
Trust his promises even though seem unlikely
Go where he tells you
even though you can’t tell future


All Age 4 Sep A6

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