Garden Party at Abbey Cottage 2016


‘David and Sally are so good at getting everyone together’ said one of the ladies of Itchen Abbas who enjoyed, with us, a Sunday afternoon at Abbey Cottage.


In the beautiful surroundings of Abbey Cottage’s prize winning organic garden, we drank Pimms (or my case some delicious rhubarb cordial) and a range of beers, ate a delicious barbecue


and endless cup cakes and brownies, whilst we listened to David’s excellent band and some fantastic vocals.



And of course we chatted, a bit…great to exchange news on what has been happening during the Summer.


Really good fun.  And the weather held – there was one moment when it looked as if we might actually get hot…but then we were back to what the BBC calls ‘light cloud’.  Living in England is like ‘living inside tupperware’ according to Bill Bryson – he may be right – it was one of those English days – but it did not stop the enjoyment of a fantastic day in a wonderful garden.

For the grownups an opportunity to show of some knowledge (or ignorance) of plants




and for the kids a ‘scavenger hunt’ which involved searching high and low for various items which one was unlikely to want to put in a bag – the delicious raspberries for example – the best of the season which, were it not for the slightly intimidating sign immediately opposite the vegetable garden, might make a night time raid to finish them off very tempting…


And also a massive game of Jenga – I just managed to snap this before one demolition expert stepped in…


A lot of work, rehearsal and general preparation went into this day and it raised money for various charities including the Itchen Valley Parish for which we are very grateful.

Thank you David and Sally!

Alex Pease

PS we have subsequently discovered that the Garden Party raised over £500 – many congratulations David and Sally!

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