Little Rainbows Christmas Party 2016


You really get to know the most popular Nativity characters amongst the mothers of our young people at the Little Rainbows Nativity.  This year we had one Mary (maybe a good thing that we only had one Mary),


no Joseph (that was a shame), two donkeys, a cow and a camel,


a number of sheep and lambs and lots and lots of angels….


clearly a number of mothers and nannies (or perhaps fathers) had put their creativity to good use and made wings and halos for our wonderful collection of angels….a real heavenly host. And one (grown up) wise…woman!


Altogether we were 28 children including a number of older siblings which is wonderful but always raises the atmosphere somewhat…but they generally settled down to play ‘Ambulance Goalie’ a game devised to enable boys to play something quite like football with an…er…ambulance….

The children enjoyed our regular dances, and Rebecca told the nativity story

img_1901 then and then they had an amazing feast


and Liz Platt provided the grown-ups with some delicious homemade mince pies and coffee – thank you Liz and thank you to all our wonderful tea and coffee makers during the year!

Thank you particularly to Claire Hunt who puts together the rota and leads the group, to Sally Parker who puts together our craft every week and to Rebecca Fardell who devises the  topics for each week from the Urban Saints website.  And thank you so much to Vernon Tottle who keeps the church looking so pristine clean despite our young rampaging across it.  You are all just amazing!

To all our Little Rainbows families – we wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

Revd Alex Pease

More photos follow:












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