Prison Fellowship: Sunday 22nd January at 10am St Swithun’s Martyr Worthy


Happy New Year!

We hear in the media of prisons overflowing with inmates and of those who leave prison returning again and again.

If you find this as frustrating as I do, then come to the service which we are holding on Sunday 22nd January at 10am at St Swithun’s Martyr Worthy where the Chief Executive of Prison Fellowship will say something about the work that they are doing with prisoners across the country to reduce recidivism through their Sycamore Tree programme which brings prisoners into contact with victims of crime.

Revd Jan Brookshaw, who is already a prison chaplain and visitor,  says that HMP Winchester uses the Sycamore Tree regularly (about 4 times a year) and there is always a waiting list for it. Getting involved in Prison Fellowship and the Sycamore Tree programme is an incredibly exciting way in which you and I can be involved in helping to change the direction of some seriously lost people’s lives and guide them out of the cycle of reoffending.

Please do join us!


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