Seeing Jesus

These are my notes from today’s sermon. Our readings were Malachi 3.1-5 and Luke 2.22-40.

walk one of joys of this part of world
enjoy fresh air and beauty around me
sense of space and room to think away from screens and other demands
exercise good for me
like seeing birds and flowers when do

Sarah walk
enjoys same things I do but also real passion for birds = a reason she goes for walks
expects to see birds
prepared – binoculars and book
know what to look for
know where to look
sees far more birds than me

come to church for all sorts of reasons but our Gospel reading reminds us seeing Jesus should be at the heart of it

Simeon and Anna

  • two faithful people who
  • expected to see God at work
  • were prepared – had their spiritual binoculars and walking boots on
  • got to see the infant Jesus

Were expectant

Simeon ‘looking forward to the consolation of Israel’
hope that God would come to rescue and comfort his people
promise throughout OT, espec prophets e.g. Malachi
promise been made to him that he would see Messiah before he died
believed promises of God and waiting expectantly for Messiah to come

So Simeon and Anna got ready and kept their eyes open
got ready by – living righteous and devout lives – seeking to follow God’s ways – spending time worshipping God – spending time listening to God
both were devout -Simeon was a devout man we are told – careful re religious duties -Anna never left the temple – worshipped night and day

Knew what to look for

Simeon and Anna looking for the Messiah – We need to not only expect God to be at work but know what to look for

reads lots of books on birds
talks to experts and enthusiasts
all helps her to see

Simeon and Anna knew that God would send his Messiah and that he would bring salvation for those who believe in him and judgement
Malachi – Messiah both refine and purify and then he draw near for judgement
Luke – Simeon understood that Jesus cause of falling and rising of Israel because some will see him and some not

Simeon and Anna knew this because that is what the prophets of OT foretold- they knew their Scriptures

Bible tells us what to look for
beauty and variety of creation – sign of God at work
God is love – God is in every act of love – in every act of selfless service whether person realises it or not
lives transformed – sign of God at work
people healed in body, soul and spirit – Jesus is there
people no longer dependent on drugs or alcohol – Jesus is there
people who had no self-esteem who know they are precious – Jesus is there
broken relationships are restored – Jesus is there
children of God – Jesus is there
cp last week’s talk – prisoners whose lives have been transformed, who sought forgiveness from their victims, who turn away from crime – Jesus is there

problem is often we are not expecting to encounter him so miss the signs

C S Lewis – Christian belief is lens through which see everything else – look at world differently – look at it with eyes of faith

Knew where to look

L desperate to go to Antarctic – penguins!

Jesus promises his disciples that ‘ For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.’
if want to meet with Jesus going to where there are a few Christians gathering in his name is a good place to start
Anna so want to see Jesus that she never missed a service
Did you come to church expecting to see Jesus today?

We can meet Jesus
in the songs we sing
in his word
in Communion
in prayer
in other people

need to be looking!

 Saw infant Jesus

Simeon and Anna went to the temple and they saw Jesus and recognised him as the Messiah they were expecting

What saw was poor young couple fulfilling Law for new son
poor – pigeons
be common sight

HS help them see that the baby = Messiah they were waiting for
Simeon guided to the temple by HS
Anna a prophet – spoke word of God which heard by HS

HS guides us and teaches us
ask HS to guide us, to teach us and to show us Jesus


response – worship
Simeon – Nunc Dimittis
Anna – praised God and told others about who Jesus is and what he had come to do

Let’s ask the HS to open our hearts and eyes so we can see Jesus and then let’s praise God for

‘My own eyes have seen the salvation
which you have prepared in the sight of every people;

A light to reveal you to the nations
and the glory of your people Israel.’

Revd Rebecca Fardell


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