Rising early for BBC Radio Solent

Its not hugely popular to set the alarm clock for 5.45am on a Sunday morning, but nevertheless I did manage to negotiate it and try to slip out of Martyr Worthy without waking up the entire neighbourhood, so that I could be at BBC Radio Solent in Southampton by 6.50am.  Having navigated the BBC car park (not entirely straightforward) and then eventually got access to the building,  I met up with David Grant the Chair of Who Cares, Hampshire and Leader of Life Church, Hook and Adam Skirton of Poulner Baptist Chapel, Ringwood who were sharing the broadcast with me.  We chatted for a while and then were summoned into the studio where Tim Daykin (no relation to our Diocesan bishop) was controlling the dials and the conversation.

‘Why you?’  You may ask.  It all stemmed from a telephone call from David Grant a few days ago which started ‘Bishop David asked if….’ quite an effective opening gambit in Anglican circles….

So we were talking about the Who Cares? project which has recently been discussed at our PCC and we will be launching during the Summer of this year.  We will explain more during the course of the Spring.  However the aim of the whole project is to make sure that we are teaching and preaching about the issues which actually face the lives of the people in the Valley, rather than just guessing what matters to them, which is what we have to do at the moment.  It’s all about relevance at the end of the day.

So I do hope that you will be keen to get involved in this very exciting venture.  And if you were sensibly asleep at 7.15am this morning here is a recording of the broadcast.  Listen from 1:10:00

Sunday Morning with Tim Daykin on BBC Radio Solent

Alex Pease


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