Story of the Slice – All Age Harvest Worship 2017

Its always a delight to be at St Mary’s Easton for Harvest – wonderful flowers and a brilliant arrangement on the font.  Thank you so much to Penelope Kellie and her team of Judy Bishop, Jill Croft, Geraldine Haig Haddow, Joanna Smith, Geoff and Jean Wheeler and Pauline Lund and the many grandchildren who were also involved!

Easton Harvest photo

No trips to A&E, so that counts as a success with ‘the Story of the Slice’ our regular harvest All Age Worship story – let’s face it trying to show what Big Bang might have been like is always going to be a challenge in a church service….but the solution is a party popper cannon which scattered confetti all over the place.  Thank you so much to Sara and Frits Janssen who swept up all the mess afterwards (particularly since it was Frits’ birthday)!  And thank you also for those who pointed out that Big Bang would not actually have sounded like a bang (noise not travelling in space) to anyone who happened to be around to listen to it before being vaporised by the shock wave…I learn a lot doing this job…

The Story of the Slice is not (as some may think) a parable preached by Jesus, but I am sure that it would have been if there had been a Co-op and sliced bread in his day….

The service led by Revd Amanda went really well.  Thank you so much to David and the Band for their amazing line up of new songs with Lizzie Frost as their lead singer we had a sense of going to a new level of modern worship in the Parish.   Our new (to us) songs of ‘Mighty to Save’ and ‘Our God is greater’ complimented perfectly the regular staple of ‘From Heaven you Came helpless babe’ and the one with actions: ‘Jesus love is very wonderful’  – thank you to all those whose days at Little Rainbows are long passed who took part in the actions!

Thank you to our wonderful line up of actors for the Story of the Slice – Ellie as God, Henry as the Farmer, Matthew as the Miller, Daisy and George as the Bakers, Jemima as the shop keeper and Sophie as the mother.  Thank you all for being such good sports and being willing to be covered in flour and grain!

Verity and James Grieg led the reading which was Genesis 1 and George Turner who brilliantly composed and read the prayers.  Thank you all for this also.

There was a real buzz about the service, loads of people (88 altogether – 54 adults and 34 children) – young and old having fun and worshipping God…and I, for one, left thinking ‘thats what a church service should be like’!!



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