The Ark and Harvest 2017 by Tim Clapp

This week was harvest festival at The Ark and we celebrated it by saying thank you to God for our food and by making soup to share with the adults in the congregation. We are in such a fortunate position compared to many children around the world that we never go hungry nor miss any meals and we spent time thinking about them. We had a good turn out and the children joined in with peeling potatoes and carrots to make a lovely autumnal vegetable soup. It was quite a scene with them all sat around the table in the Itchen Abbas Village Hall kitchen. After this they coloured in pictures of all the vegetable that Katherine Impey had provided. It was amazing to see what colours can be used in a carrot and Michael even made a “super carrot” with it’s own accompanying cape. At the end of the service we took the soup over to the church and served to a ravenous congregation who enjoyed our fair! There were even a few requests for seconds.

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