New CAMEO aprons!

Great excitements amongst the CAMEO helpers today as we all wore the new matching CAMEO aprons for the monthly Communion Service and Lunch led by Revd Amanda Denniss (with Gerry Stacey preaching) and Lavinia Owen.  Many thanks to Jan Davies who made the aprons, which is another step forward in raising standards at this wonderful monthly lunch for our senior residents.

Many thanks also to the range of helpers seen here in the aprons: Sally Cannons, Gilly Greenwood, Gerry Stacey, Sara Janssen, Emily Windsor-Aubrey, Rosie Salmond, Lavinia Owen, Jill Croft and Joan Dartnell.  I am not sure that Jan really enjoys being photographed as much as the helpers evidently did.  The apron in the background was the one which will not need washing this evening…I wonder why?

Alex Pease

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