All Age Service on Sunday 5th November by Tim Clapp

A really great service for a number of reasons.  Amanda preached on Jesus being the Good Shepherd.  She had these little fluffy sheep which she gave to every family.  She invited the children to bring these sheep up to the Cross – her idea was that they would put them down at the foot of the Cross but actually one child then another hung them on the Cross.  It was a really nice symbolic moment.

Tim Clapp

Alex writes: I understand that the The Band were a bit short on singers but cometh the moment cometh the man and Tim found himself singing to a microphone for the first time, way out of his comfort zone – ‘My Jesus’.   They also sang ‘All Through History’ which I think is going to be a real favourite once all the actions can be mastered!  If you want to have a bit of practice learning this song and the actions at home here is a video to teach you!

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