Toodle-oo! by Lucy Pease

Dear All,

Today is my last official day as your acting Parish Administrator. I am very sorry to be stepping down from this role as I have enjoyed working and liaising with you all enormously.

It was a herculean task getting the office up and running with Alex (and with help from John Bouldin and Patrick Appleby) when I began during the summer of 2015 just after Amanda had arrived, but it has been an enormous success.

The gallery at St John’s is a very lovely space to work in with the sun often streaming in through the high southern windows and it has been helpful for the parishioners to have somewhere neutral and central to come to discuss things, deliver things, drink coffee, pray etc., so long may that continue.

A special thank you to Vernon for being such fun to banter with and for ensuring a lovely warm church throughout the cold months and also to Madeline and Beccy who have had my back on many occasions and with whom I have loved working with.

I am extremely excited that Beccy Clark has accepted the official role of Parish Administrator and I have no doubt that she will be excellent and super efficient. I hope and pray that she enjoys working for the parish and with you all as much as I have.

Having said that, I am, of course not going anywhere! I will see you lots and will continue to be on hand to help out during the handover period and beyond. Please bear with Beccy and me during this potentially slightly muddly time and forgive us both if anything falls through the net.

Thank you for all your support and understanding and bless you all,


Lucy Pease
Parish Office
Itchen Valley Parish

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