Joint Pastoral letter from the Archbishops

Dear friends

Greetings at the beginning of this Holy Week! I know you will be busy over these next few days as we all proclaim what Christ has done for us in his passion and resurrection.

Some of you will have been following news over the last few weeks from the Independent Inquiry on Child Sex Abuse. Others may only have seen it briefly mentioned. I attach a pastoral letter from the Archbishops which I hope you will take time to read, and to make available in your churches. As communities we are invited to consider especially our responsibility to continue striving for safe and welcoming places for everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

I also invite you to read some of the sobering evidence which has been heard by IICSA over these last few weeks. It helps us all to understand better where we have gone wrong and to listen to those whose voices have gone unheard. May I ask that you pray especially for parish safeguarding representatives and for our diocesan safeguarding team and safeguarding panel. Their difficult work on behalf of us all offers hope that we can respond effectively to these lessons.

With my prayers and best wishes


The Right Reverend Tim Dakin
The Bishop of Winchester
20180323 IICSA Joint Letter

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