Way of the Cross – wet weather programme

Dear All

Of course the one thing that Jesus did not have to put up with on the way to the Cross was rain.  However it is the only thing that we have to put up with as we act out the Way of the Cross this year….no beatings jeering mock trials or incredibly painful execution…quite apart from carrying the whole weight of the world’s sin and separation from God.  So actually we will get off quite lightly if it rains tomorrow morning.

I understand that we have done the Way of the Cross with umbrellas before and so I think we will probably just go ahead anyway so if you are a performer or spectator please be ready to come regardless.  If it is really bucketing down we can move the whole show to the church because our brilliant director (Sonia Cragg) thinks that she can reorganise it all in there whatever.

And we have the prospect of hot cross buns in Martyr Worthy village hall to look forward to. …

SO when you open those curtains tomorrow morning please do decide to join us – actors at 0850 and spectators at 1000.  It will be fun and moving in equal measure regardless of the precipitation…

Best wishes


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