God Pod – enjoy theology with a cup of coffee in the garden

I thought that you might enjoy this.  The God Pod is a series of podcasts (normally just audio but this one is video as well) in which Graham Tomlin, Mike Lloyd and  Jane Williams talk on theological subjects sent in by listeners.  Graham was the principal of St Mellitus College where I studied theology, he is now Bishop of Kensington and may have been seen on the TV news because of his involvement in leading the Church response to the Grenfell Tower fire.  Mike Lloyd is Principal of Wycliffe College Oxford and was my tutor at St Mellitus.  Jane Williams is Deputy Dean at St Mellitus College and is married to Archbishop Rowan Williams.  This discussion discusses whether all sins are of equal seriousness and what we can learn about God from films like Frozen and Harry Potter.

If you do enjoy watching this, please do subscribe on your phone to the God Pod  https://sptc.htb.org/godpod as the discussions over many years have ranged over a huge area and I find them encouraging and challenging.  My favourite was Mike Lloyd on Aliens – do we greet them or eat them and why….

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