Easton Village Fete 2018

There was a distinctly maritime feel to the Easton Village Fete this year.  Was it the waterproof garb which so many were wearing – not only sowesters, but all sorts of country gear as well, including waterproof trousers and wellies – or was it the discussion on whether the winds would be Force 5 or Force 6?   One three year old was heard to speculate on whether the Sun would ever shine again!

But despite the heavy rain and the fairly moderate wind, the citizens of Easton came out in force to support the Fete.  The Village Hall was packed out with people drinking hot tea and eating the most delicious selection of cakes while their companions dripped next to them.  The beer tent was busy, of course.  Moo music grasped the attention of the children.  Under the new association rules, the log and ladder game provided even more nail biting entertainment than usual.  Then there seemed to be copious numbers of raffles.  The one upside to the weather was that the Rector was let off from appearing in the stocks despite being absolutely ready to have wet sponges thrown at him all afternoon.  It was felt that everyone was wet enough!

Last year unfortunately we were not able to put the Fete on and so a lot of enthusiasm for this year had been generated amongst a number of different groups in the village as Sophie Goodall organised her committee to put the Fete on which raises money for the Church, the Village Hall and the Cricket Club all working together to produce a great pan-community event.  In the event Lynn Russell led the organisation on the day.

Thank you to all those who put so much effort into organising a great day and thank you to the bakers, jam makers and other contributors to the Fete on behalf of the church!  It was a really fantastic fun in any event and is bound to have raised a lot of money for all three village charities.

Alex Pease

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