Bellringing for Remembrance 2018

Bellringers – For centuries church bells have been rung to bring both sad and
happy news to the nation. During WW1 some 14,000 ringers died whilst
serving and this year bellringers set out to recruit a new ringer for every fallen
ringer. In Easton we are training two new ringers. There is still time for others to
join in, if you are interested in learning to ring just let us know.

This Remembrance Day, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great
War bells will ring out throughout the country, half muffled before 12 noon (one
side padded to sound like an echo) to mourn those that lost their lives and then
normal ringing to celebrate the end of hostilities. That is why after the main
service today you may hear the bells and again in some places at 7.05pm to
coincide with the lighting of beacons across the country.

Judy Bishop

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