Remembrance Sunday 2018 Final details

Dear Neighbours

I was blown away by our amazing choir last night at the penultimate rehearsal for our Choral Evensong led by Tim Tyler.  Our 22 strong choir (I would think ‘young choir’ would be a good description – from my perspective) was sounding in great form and the organ playing of John Purver was superb as well.  Please do try and make it at 6pm at St Mary’s Easton on Sunday 11th November, particularly if you have been taking part in some great national or civic event in the morning and been out of the Valley.

One further point of detail for the services on Sunday – our Sunday school during the morning remembrance service will be at Martyr Worthy Manor off the B3407 at the top of Church Lane Martyr Worthy and not at the Martyr Worthy Village Hall (as previously announced) at around 1045.

Best wishes


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