Little Rainbows Picnic on 25th July 2019 by Julia Wright

This afternoon, in the overbearing heat, the Little Rainbows crew met for a picnic at Katherine Nevin’s idyllic garden in Beauworth. With a slip and slide, and a giant paddling pool, it was nothing short of heavenly! The combination of water, sun and children resulted in a lot of laughter and huge amounts of fun.

Everyone from mums to babes went shooting down the slip and slide, which was a wonderful way of building and cementing friendships.

The mums all enjoyed being able to have complete conversations with no, or at least fewer than normal, interruptions – which always feels a welcome treat.

Huge thanks to Katherine Nevin and her two girls, Marigold and Poppy, for hosting such a joyful time.

Another Little Rainbows picnic is booked in for 15th August.

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