Easton Fete 2019

Gosh what a contrast from last year where the rain poured and poured….it was absolutely boiling hot.  I can well imagine that the idea of dressing up as a camel or a minion or one half of a pantomime horse might not have appealed to those Pantomine stalwarts who often grace the Fete with their presence (guess where the Panto camel will deposit his load….). Despite the record temperatures, at around 30C, the Easton volunteers were on duty selling encouraging and charming the visitors from all over who came to join in. The Bar was essential and did a roaring trade.



The tea stall was a refuge from the sun and the Rector found the perfect place to drink tea and eat one of Ina Williams’ delicious gluten free cakes just in the shade, but also in the light breeze just outside the Village Hall.

Along with the very popular ladder game some new games were introduced to test the patience and determination of the punters – rolling golf balls into different size holes in a board, very frustrating indeed;


drives around the cricket square in a 1940s military truck, a conjurer and wheelbarrow racing.  But the highlight for me was the novelty dog competition – a musical chairs with dogs….just hilarious and really brought out the……competitive….side in some of us!

It wasn’t the gilets jaunes but rather the chapeaux jaunes which identified the organising committee to everyone else at the Easton Fete this year – a very good idea – ready to deal with any sort of crisis!

Thank you on behalf of Itchen Valley Parish to all those who put in so much work to enable us all to have such a wonderful day. I am bound to miss some people out….but here goes…  in particular, thank you to Sophie Goodall and Lyn Russell (joint chairs), Iris Lacey, Barney Gloyn, Jill Croft, Denise Rosewell, Adam Murch and all the helpers from the EMWCC (really something given that England were simultaneously playing their incredible match against Australia) and John and Sandra Brewer (who were treasurers), and Vanessa Rosewell and to the following who organised the stands and helped man them on the day : Teas: Ina Williams and helpers, Books: Paul Russell and helpers, Handicrafts: Jill Croft and helpers, Cakes: Judith Mezger and helpers, Dog Show: James and Natalie Paterson, Donkey rides Denise Rosewell, China: Iris Lacey and Helen. Bar: Barny Gloyn and helpers, BBQ: Lyn Russell and helpers, Children’s Races: Sue Kennedy, Judy Bishop, Coconut Shy, wheelbarrow races and the other races: Adam Murch and the EMWCC helpers: Raffle, Sound: Chris Ellis and Robert Hall.  There are many many more as well……What a huge commitment by so many people – thank you to all of you, and to those many who I have not mentioned, so much!

Revd Alex Pease


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