Bridge and Tea at Dymoke House Easton


It looked like enormous fun.  From all over the parish and beyond ladies (and some gentlemen) gathered to play Bridge in the beautiful surroundings of Dymoke House to raise money for  St Mary’s Easton.  There were 16 tables of 4 scattered around the house and outside with a range of skills from expert to (shall we say) less expert in the different rooms, but on being asked at each table who was winning good Bridge etiquette was always observed by the victors: ‘we had some good cards’.  At least everyone was saved the embarrassment of a vicar who cannot count and fails to remember almost anything these days, as I declined the kind invitation to play.


Halfway through the afternoon was the most delicious tea – every sort of tea and a range of fantastic sandwiches and cakes, which I was quite keen to participate in, particularly given that some very kind people had made gluten free sandwiches and cakes available.

Thank you so much to Sara and Frits Janssen for allowing everyone to tramp over their house and for organising everything and to Jane Anderson Sara’s co chairman.  Thank you also to all those who cooked baked washed up and made the whole afternoon possible – too many to mention here – but you know who you are and you are very much appreciated!

Thank you finally to the magnificent 64 who came and showed their great Bridge skills off to their best effect all in the interests of the work which we are hoping to do on St Mary’s Easton.

Alex Pease


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