The Alpha Course that you never had time to do…when life was normal by James and Julia Wright

Julia and James Wright write as follows:

During the Covid-19 crisis, Holy Trinity Brompton (the church where Alpha started) has seen a huge surge of interest in the course. They have now started running the course online, and they are starting 2 new courses each week – such is the demand. Previously they ran three Alpha courses per year.

The Alpha Course offers you the chance to explore some of the big questions of life, such as, ‘Is there more to life than this?’ and ‘Who is Jesus?’  Each session starts with watching a 45 min talk about one of the big questions concerning life and faith. The talk is then followed with discussing the video in small groups of up to 10 people, hosted by one of the Alpha leaders. For the online course, you will be able to download the talk at home and the discussion groups happen via Zoom. The aim is for the groups to be open discussion rather than didactic teaching. Every opinion is valued and there is no expectation to conform to any particular belief. It really is a chance to explore these big questions.

Whilst we would love to offer Alpha online within the valley, we aren’t able to due to a vastly smaller team than HTB, all of whom have increased workloads during this time whilst also having all their children at home 24-7. However, if you are interested, we would love to point you towards the HTB website where you can sign up to one of their online courses.

Find out more about it here: (scroll down to Alpha stories)

And you can sign up to an Alpha course online here:  (scroll down to the bottom)

You will see they are also running the Marriage Course online too!

If you do take part in an Alpha course online, we would love to support you in any way we can. Therefore if you want to let one of the Parish Ministry Team Parish Ministry Team know, that would be wonderful!

Julia and James Wright

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