Walk of Hope by Lucy Pease

Just wanted to update everyone about the Itchen Valley Walk of Hope.  There has been a really positive response to this initiative which is so encouraging and exciting.  You will see on the website page that the map is fast getting shaded in with just a few squares to be covered.  Indeed some healthy competition has broken out across the parish as to who can claim them with Beccy first!

Alex and I went to the far South East parish boundary yesterday and found ourselves actually walking along the South Downs Way which was very satisfying.  You may not be aware that we are doing this as part of a larger summer event called the South Downs Awakening which covers all the towns and villages along the South Downs Way.  The Walk of Hope idea is our parish’s contribution to a myriad of different initiatives that are happening in the south this summer.  As Alex and I were walking and praying for the land, the people and the parish, it felt great to think that we were doing so as part of a bigger picture celebrating our beautiful green and pleasant countryside as well as claiming it all for Christ.

If you are yet to set out, don’t forget to download the very helpful Walk of Hope Guide and Prayer Walking documents which have been put together by Julia Wright and Nicky Barber with help from myself, Hannah Barber (artwork) and Beccy Clark (map and website).  These can be found on the website Walk of Hope page, where you will also find an introduction and explanation.

Thank you every one who has joined in so far and made this event really fun.  We can trust that your walking, your dreaming and your praying is making a big difference to the future of this beautiful place in which we are so blessed to live.

Remember to put on your calendar or in your diaries Sunday 2nd August, 3-4.30pm, St Swithun’s Church, Martyr Worthy where you will able to claim your free Judes ice-cream.

Happy pilgrimaging!


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