Can we trust The Bible?

Is a question I am often asked and can take a while to answer but now I have a simple and straightforward response.

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 Is a new podcast series from the producers of the Bible Course featuring conversations with experts in biblical history talking about the reliability, relevance and reality of the four Gospels. I cannot recommend this highly enough, experts in their academic fields, the speakers take the subject to a really down to earth and easily understandable level.

Click here to listen!

Each podcast lasts about 25 minutes and covers topics such as –

  • Who were the authors
  • Why are there four Gospels
  • How have they been passed to the present
  • How accurate are they historically

A new edition is published every Monday and the first two are already available on the link above. Give them a go and let me know what you think and email me if you still have questions.

Gerry Stacey. Licensed Lay Minister.

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