Christmas Services 2020

Dear Neighbours,
I know that many of you will be feeling quite blue about Christmas this year as your arrangements for the day have been trashed by the virus; some will have too much turkey and food and some, who are unexpectedly at home, will find that they cannot order any at all!  A lot of people will be feeling lonely.  Can I possibly encourage you (after you have called your relations on Christmas Day) to take the Archbishop of Canterbury’s advice to telephone those of your neighbours who may be alone at Christmas.  A good chat could make a huge difference to a day which may otherwise be empty.
Our Christmas Services are going ahead!  Despite the new restrictions, it seems that there are no new limits on worship.  However, many of our services are already oversubscribed.  Our Crib Service at 4pm on Christmas Eve at Easton is fully booked but will be on zoom.  Please do join us on zoom as many of the teenagers in our valley will be involved in the world premiere of Lou Lou Stirrup’s new nativity poem. The Itchen Valley Parish choir will be leading us in carols.
Our First Communion of Christmas at 10.30pm on Christmas Eve at St Mary’s Avington still has some spaces.
We also have the following Communion Services in the Parish at 10am on Christmas Day: in Itchen Abbas (now fully booked) and in Martyr Worthy (also fully booked) and at Easton (still spaces) and Avington (where there will be a choir) (still spaces).  If you would like to attend the services at Avington or Easton on Christmas Day please do contact Beccy Clark on .  Our service from Easton will also be on zoom.
Please make sure that you keep social distancing of 2 meters from anyone.  You will not be able to sing at any of the services and please do wear a mask.  Most importantly please do not mingle and chat with you neighbours at any of the services – just greet from a distance!
Despite all the challenges, Lucy and I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas!
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