Living in Love and Faith Course – now completed

21 of our parish have now completed the five week course produced by the Church of England called ‘Living in Love and Faith’ which aims to help Christians think more deeply about what it means to be human particularly in this challenging area of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

I said right at the beginning of the course that the aim was not to change anyone’s views on this subject but to learn more about the wide range of views in the Church of England on this subject as during the next few years whether the church should change its doctrine on marriage will come more and more to a point of decision.  We have commented back to the organisers on all our views after each session.

I think that we have all remained friends during this process.  Some of us have found the questions that we were asked to explore puzzling.  It may also have been surprising for us to discover that some people do not share what we might feel are obvious opinions on these issues.

If you would like to go deeper to discover more writing, blogs or videos on any aspect of these discussions then please do contact me and there is bound to be something about any particular concern on the voluminous resources provided.

Best wishes

Alex Pease


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