Communal Coronation Watch and Bell Ringing, St Mary’s, Easton

You are invited to join us at St Mary’s Church, Easton from 9:30 am on Saturday 6th May to watch the Coronation on the Church AV System and witness the national bell ringing taking place in the church at 2:30 pm as part of the national coordinated Coronation Ring.

Our Bell ringer recruits, many novices in January, have been practicing enthusiastically for months for this occasion and afterwards there will be an opportunity for a supervised toll on a bell for anyone who would like to have a go.

We offer this to anyone from the Valley who prefers to watch events unfold as a community and will offer Tea and Coffee making facilities and a glass of fizz as the bells ring out. The BBC coverage will be relayed live over the internet using our 65” high level screen and the sounds through the high quality Church audio system. The occasion is informal, children are very welcome and can sit or run around as they please on carpet or a pew. We cannot offer to cater beyond hot drinks as village energies are rightly devoted to the Coronation Party at the Village Hall on Monday but you are welcome to bring a picnic or snacks as you wish.

N.B. The pews are modern and comfortable for an hour or so but you might like to bring your own cushion to increase viewing comfort…

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