Fundraising for our Churches is fun….the Martyr Worthy lecture series by Joanna Lang

The Second Martyr Worthy Lecture Series that began in November has just ended.  It has been overwhelmingly well supported by more than 450 people overall who came from both the Valley and further afield and the organisers are extremely grateful to them.  The aim has been fundraising for all the Churches in the Parish and has raised the total sum of £6,603!

The Lectures included: A History of the Medici with Douglas Skeggs, The Manor Houses of England with John Davies and concluded with Highclere: the Real Downton Abbey with the Countess of Carnarvon.  Each evening began with a glass of wine and canapes and an opportunity to meet others before the lecture.  Each lecture was both informative, varied and fun and very much something to look forward to during the winter months.

Encouraged by the response a Third series is being planned beginning November 2016 with possible lectures on the Dutch Golden Age by John Lang and a Tale of Two Cities, Oxford and Cambridge by John Davies…….

Joanna Lang

And a huge thank you you Joanna, John, Verity, Liz, Gillie, Lucinda, Emily, Robin and Rolls and all those who helped with the organisation, catering and drinks for the whole series – what a great thing to organise and what a fantastic help to our Parish finances.

Revd Alex Pease

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