Remembrance Sunday Services 11th November 2018

Just a further reminder about our Remembrance Day services in Itchen Valley Parish – please see the flyer below.
Please note that the Remembrance Sunday service (being a civic service in cooperation with the Royal British Legion) is not a communion service.  However, we will be singing a number of good hymns and making what we hope will be an appropriate tribute of thanks to God for the generation which fought in World War 1.
Our Ark Sunday school will meet at Martyr Worthy Manor at 1050 – it might be good to get there a little early to ensure that the parents can be at the cross on the B3407 in time for the Act of Remembrance to begin.  Please do bring your small children to the Sunday School to enable you to attend the service itself.
Parking will be Texas Field off the B3407.
In the evening at 6pm we will have a very special sung Remembrance Evensong at St Mary’s Easton led by Maj General Tim Tyler – it is not impossible to join this choir if you would like to do so and can read music and sing!  Tenors are particularly in demand!  However you would need to be available for a rehearsal on Wednesday evening.
Acts of Remembrance will be held in each of the Villages at their war memorials as follows.
This is an important point in history for our community – it would be wonderful if as many of you as possible could join us.
Best wishes
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