Coronavirus and its impact on the vulnerable in Itchen Valley

Dear Neighbours,

One of the wonderful aspects of living in the Itchen Valley is how very well we look after our neighbours, even if they are of a different generation to us, and so what I am about to suggest may seem superfluous, but I am keen to ensure that we cover everyone.  

It strikes me that there is a possibility (I would not put it higher than that) that we might at some stage in the next month or so find ourselves in lockdown in a similar fashion to Italy.  If this happens there will be a number of the more vulnerable members of our community who might be affected in various ways, particularly those who cannot or do not know how to order food on line.  

Could I possibly encourage each of you to check on your five closest neighbours (particularly the elderly) to ensure that should a lockdown occur that they will be properly provided for and that they know that they can contact you for help (giving them your telephone number) and that if they cannot order food and other necessities to be delivered that perhaps you could include them in your own orders.

Thank you so much

Best wishes


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