Coronavirus additional measures

There have been today some instructions to clergy from the Church of England in addition to the instructions to suspend the Common Cup and intinction and on decontamination :

  1. Please note that the distribution of individual cups for use by communicants is not a lawful practice in the Church of England.
  2. Ask those attending services to wash their hands as they come into church – we will need to provide gel accordingly.
  3. Ensure ministers of the Eucharist wash their hands before and after distributing communion.
  4. Suspend catering (teas, coffees etc.) where multiple people touch mugs, utensils and foodstuffs.  I will be speaking to Charlotte as to whether this means that we should suspend CAMEO.
  5. No pastoral visits should be undertaken to people who are self-isolating until isolation ends. However do offer phone support.
  6. When visiting parishioners at home, wash hands before and after giving the sacraments.
  7. Refrain from passing collection plates around.
  8. Suspend the use of holy water stoups not sure what they are
  9. Wash vestments (surplices, cassocks) on the hottest cycle you can without damaging them. Chasubles etc. which could become contaminated, may not be able to be washed. Instead, they should be securely stored away from people, ideally in a well ventilated and brightly sunlit area, for at least 48 hours before re-use,
  10. Visits to people in care homes or Hospitals should follow advice from the staff on infection control.
  11. Ensure good regular cleaning of surfaces people touch regularly, including such things as door handles, light switches etc.



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