The Jesus Way Course

A Zoom-based course based on

THE JESUS WAY: Learning to live the Christian Life (2020)

taught by Peter Walker on Wednesdays (September 2022- Easter 2023)

Peter Walker, the Rector of the Itchen Valley benefice near Winchester, will be starting a course in September based on his book that was published two years ago—just as Covid arrived. The book highlights 12 key themes found in two great chapters of the New Testament (Luke 24 and Acts 2) which provide us with twelve key steps for following the Risen Christ today.

Peter will teach the course through the year on Wednesdays (normally every fortnight) in St Mary’s, Easton, SO21 1EH. The dates for this term are as follows:

  • 14 Sept – Introduction: Jesus’ teaching in Luke 24
  • 28 Sept – RESURRECTION
  • 12 Oct  – CROSS
  • 26 Oct – No meeting (half-term)
  • 9 Nov – HOLY SPIRIT
  • 23 Nov – SCRIPTURE

Each evening will run from 7.30-9.00pm, starting with some worship and concluding with some small-group discussion. At some point within Peter’s teaching there will also be the opportunity to watch Peter’s short JESUS WAYvideos (7-9 mins each: filmed in the Holy Land, USA and Africa) and include testimonies from people all around the world.

St Mary’s, Easton is fortunate to have some high-quality technical equipment, so we are confident that this course can also be enjoyed by others, meeting in their own churches or small groups.

Might this be a possibility within your church?

  • A group could meet in the church building or in someone’s home to join in the worship and teaching on screen (7.30 – c. 8.20pm), and then to have their own discussion time (c. 08.20 – 09.00pm).
  • If they wish, groups can use the special JESUS WAY Discussion Group Materials, available for purchase from

So, if you know of people who would like a refresher course in the Christian basics, or perhaps have done an Alpha course and would appreciate a ‘Beta’ course, this might be the course for them!

For you to receive the Zoom link from the Itchen Valley Churches, please contact Beccy Clark on It would be good to have an initial list of registered groups or individuals by Wednesday 7 September.