Thy Kingdom Come…

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Nine days for prayer for others and ourselves 6th-15th May 

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have called us all to pray in the days between Ascension and Pentecost. They have asked us to pray that we would grow in faith and confidence and that our whole nation would respond to the call to follow Jesus. We are taking part in this ‘wave of prayer’ here in the Itchen Valley.  Beginning with our Ascension Day service (12 noon at St Mary’s, Easton), prayers in our services and regular prayer meetings will reflect these themes. There will also be information in a leaflet at the back of our churches and on the website to help you pray.

How will you answer the Archbishops’ call? Why not make a point of coming to a service or prayer meeting during the nine days? Why not commit to pray using the leaflet each of the nine days? However you join in, we can be confident because Jesus taught us to pray ‘Thy kingdom come’. For further information, please speak to Rebecca.

pour out your Spirit upon your people,
and grant us a new vision of your glory,
a new experience of your power,
a new faithfulness to your Word,
and a new consecration to your service,
that your love may grow among us,
and your kingdom come;
through Christ our Lord.

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