Ladies Supper November 2015 by Lucy Pease

Itchen Valley Parish Ladies Supper

The Ladies Supper which was first inaugurated by Fiona Micklefield and then seamlessly continued in the church vacancy by Laura Hanley and Penelope Kellie has now become a Valley institution.

On Wednesday 18th November our Rector, The Revd Amanda Dennis, kindly invited the ladies of the Valley to a bring-and-share supper at the Rectory.

In true Valley style everyone appeared with their delicious offerings and we were warmly welcomed into the bright and fresh home of the Dennisses for a drink and much conversation.

We were then treated by our curate, The Revd Rebecca Fardell, to a short reflection on her travels in the Holy Land which was truly fascinating. She told us about the incredible lives of some of the people she met and helped us to in turn reflect on the question “Who is Jesus?” and to think about that in the context of the life of a Palestinian Christian living without water, a Jewish Christian, and a Muslim convert hiding in fear of being discovered. Needless to say this led to further interesting conversations and then we enjoyed a magnificent feast laid on by one and all.

The evening seemed to be very much enjoyed by everyone and we look forward to the next Parish Ladies Supper in the spring.

Lucy Pease

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