Open the Book at Itchen Abbas Primary School

We had the first of our Open the Book school assemblies this morning at Itchen Abbas Primary School.  Sonia Cragg is leading this wonderful new opportunity at our local primary school with the permission of headteacher Aimee Dear.

Open the Book is a way of acting out Bible Stories for Primary School children so that they are involved and learn the stories upon which their culture is based.  It is not preaching and the team who lead the event stick to the script – they open the book!

Here is a video explaining about this wonderful initiative from the Bible Society

This morning we were doing the story of Moses being put in the basket in the Nile and being found by Pharoah’s daughter.  Here is a short clip of the assembly.

Thank you so much to Sonia Cragg, Denise Rosewell, and Gerry Stacey for being our actors.  Thank you so much to Jill Croft and the Easton Panto for providing much of our costumes and props.  Thank you to Aimee Dear for giving us permission to run this event in Itchen Abbas Primary School.

If you would like to take part in future sessions of this wonderful initiative (which we plan to do once every half term) then please do let Sonia know or send an email to our Parish Administrator Beccy Clark –

Alex Pease


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